What is peace of mind for you?

Our vision is to provide close and attentive service respecting the client’s and family’s time and needs. For this purpose, we provide advisory services to framework corporate solutions as well as legal entities and international strategic planning while complying with the and regulatory framework of complex transnational systems.

We provide our clients with several years of experience working in international law, providing services in several regions of the world. To cater to our clients, our team is made up of accredited professionals (accountants, fiduciaries, investors, etc.) who are Licensed and authorized to practice in client-approved jurisdictions that are deemed suitable for their needs.


Our partners are experienced in the following areas: private equity, fiduciary agents (Trusts, PTC, foundations, etc.), consolidation and accounting services, family management, philanthropic advisory, aircraft and vessels management and administration, and other services that may be required depending on the client or family’s case.

Equity and governance

Estate planning: the best way to protect your assets and forgo one of life's biggest headaches.


Protectors oversee your possessions. A Protector ensures that compliance with provisions is carried out without interference from emotional or economic interests.

Other services

Solutions for athletes, for the international arts and antiques market, and representation and research services. Count on us by your side.

Alexandre is a lawyer specialized in Trust Law, Art Law and Estate and Inheritance Planning.

Prior to independent practice, he gained international experience in the Financial Market, working in leading Banking and Trust Institutions in Switzerland.

His professional activity includes the strategic structuring of family assets for governance and succession purposes, mediation in international disputes involving Fiduciary and Art Law, and advising private foundations, law firms and trust companies.

Alexandre is a member of the Brazilian Bar Association and the Portuguese Bar Association, arbitrator at the Court of Arbitration for Art in The Hague, member of the Lawyer’s Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation Association in the United States, Fondation du Droit de l’Art in Switzerland.

We sum up our values in the diligent and discreet delivery of advice, adapting solutions to protect assets and preparing the necessary succession process to achieve the full realization of family and transgenerational projects.


Methodology and interdisciplinary care

Discretion and confidentiality

Legal and legal compliance


Total alignment with the intention of customers and families


Independence and autonomy in choosing service providers

Focus on the best interest of the customer

Technical rigor and respect for delivery deadlines

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